Playgraph is a human-computer interaction design and research lab that focuses on facilitating human-human interaction. Here's a few of the most recent projects that we've been working on:

Our Feels

Our Feels is a social experiment that lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your comunity by seeing how people around you are currently feeling.


Rompn is a mobile Web app that lets people broadcast and discover all the fun things going on around them in real-time. is an online community of over 1000 people who share and learn about all things user experience and product design.


We're currently re-designing our online version of the NASA-TLX, a subjective, multidimensional workload assessment tool. Our version has been used by thousands of researchers to measure perceived workload. We originally developed it back in 2006 and it's time for an upgrade!

The NASA-TLX rates perceived workload on six different scales: Mental Demand, Physical Demand, Temporal Demand, Performance, Effort, and Frustration. It was originally developed by the Human Performance Group at NASA Ames Research Center over three years and more than 40 laboratory simulations, and is thought to be one of the most validated workload measurement tools in Human Factors Psychology and Engineering.

Contact: hello {at} playgraph {dot} com